HS Internships


The Balboa Academy Executive Internship Program began in January 2017 as 12 students with GPA’s of 3.5 and above participated in a ten-day internship.  Company evaluations demonstrated that our students are innovators and were asked to return for a longer professional experience. 


The Executive Internship program has proven to be a success as students experience real-world careers and problem solve with companies.


Why an Executive​Internship Program? ​


  • Creates opportunities for students to sharpen professional and interpersonal skills. ​
  • Students can test their career interest​
  • Promotes: ​
    •  Self-directed learning​
    •  Self-awareness​
    •  Goal setting​
    •  Creative problem solving​
    •  Cross cultural sensitivity


Interns:  Roles and Responsibilities

    • Maintain a 3.5 cumulative GPA ​
    • Be in good academic standing ​
    • Complete course assignments and hours​
    • Behave responsibly and professionally​
    • Reflect upon learning ​
    • Evaluate self and internship program​


Professional Sponsors

    • Monitor & evaluate intern’s 21st Century skills​
    • Support Balboa Academy’s Educational Goal ​
    • Expose interns to high technology and real work experiences​
    • Lead by example​
    • Guide students and provide feedback​
    • Share professional experiences and successes​
    • Identify and train student talents as potential employees