Balboa Academy High School clubs are 100% student directed.  To start a new club, students must petition DRACO (Dragon Council) where they determine if the club meets the requirements.  All clubs must have a stated mission, officers, sponsors, and a service component.  In August, a club fair is held in the high school where each club works to recruit new members.  Club meetings are usually held during lunch; however, many of the club activities occur off-campus during weekends and Wednesday afternoons.

The clubs are listed below:


Mission: To promote and support social, cultural, and educational well-being, along with the development of this group of children by providing tutoring, financial support and celebration of festivities, making their lives a bit sweeter.

Instagram: @aprojusanba

Sponsor: Chelita De Obaldia

President: Alejandro Motta and Aldo Pataro

VP: Bernardo Corbillon

Secretary Valeria Prieto

Treasurer: Jose Guardiola

Arte Club

Mission: To promote art in Balboa Academy

Sponsor: Mr. Young

President:  Alejandra Ruiz

VP: Amanda Campos

Secretary: Gayatri Khatwani

Treasurer: Leyla Tuzlazi

Speaker: Maria Paula Gutierrez


Mission:  To give students an avenue to share their experiences, reflections, opinions, research, etc. in a semi-formal setting.

Sponsor: Jill Kneeland

President:  Gayatri Khatwani

VP: Sofia Gonzalez

Secretary: Veronica Marlotte (Co-president)

Treasurer: Diego Lara


Mission:  To implement music into students’ high school life, to raise funds by performing music publically, to allow the purchase of instruments for schools with limited means, and to teach students of these schools how to play.

Sponsors:  Ray Durbin

President: Andres Mendoza

VP: Diego Sosa

Secretary: Sheila McKenzie

Treasurer:Eddy Cha

Best Buddies

Mission:  Derived from best buddies USA, this club hopes to creates opportunities for one-to-one friendships between Balboa Academy students and people with intellectual and developmental disabilities.

Sponsors:  Ray Durbin

President: Shania Sadhwani

VP: Sasha Chugani

Secretary: Kacy Dabbs

Treasurer: Fernando Buxo

Business Club

Mission:  To learn about business and grow a love for business.

Sponsor: Shelby Morris

President: Fedra Najera

VP: Alberto de la Guardia

Secretary: Jueles Colleti

Treasurer:Roberto de Obaldia

Chess Club


Sponsor: David Roubik and Darwin Cardenas

President: Nikolas Hall

VP: Daniel Arreaza

Secretary: Marc Montaner

Treasurer: Nicolas de la Guardia

Debate Club

Mission: To improve members’ public speaking skills as well as empower students with the confidence to debate in MUN style conferences.

Sponsor: Zack Kunkel, David Roubik and Darwin Cardenas

President: Fedra Najera

VP: Soye Im

Secretary: Alberto de la Guardia

Treasurer:Benji Lau

Speaker: Roberto de Obaldia


Mission:  To create unity and school spirit through exemplary leadership.  DRACO is the student council of Balboa Academy.

Instagram: @dragons_ba

Sponsor:  Alix Mendoza and Carmen Smith

President: Shania Sadhwani

VP: Patty Mayoral

Secretary: Gayatri Khatwani

Treasurer: Luis Bergua

Store Manager: Santiago Donado

Eco Club

Mission: To spread awareness, create consciousness, and address environmental issues in our community.

Sponsor: Zack Kunkel

President:  Stefanie Cohen

VP: Diego Lara

Secretary: Barbara Labbate

Treasurer: Nick van Egret

Speaker: Carmen Halphen 


Mission: To develop awareness throughout the community concerning the physical, psychological, spiritual, and social needs to children with cancer.

Sponsor: Shelby Morris

President: Gaby Diaz

VP: Andrea Acosta

Secretary: Lucia Dillon

Treasurer: Camila Diaz


Mission:  To assist Fundasis in providing veterinary rehabilitation and sterilization to animals in need.  To advocate for proper animal care, the importance of sterilization, and adoption of animals.

Sponsor: Jill Kneeland

President: Leyla Tuzlaci

VP:Patty Mayoral

Secretary: Lucia Aguilar

Treasurer: Amaya Powell


Mission:  To improve the lives of children and mothers with help of basic baskets and interactions.

Sponsor: Shelby Morris

President: Isabel Bullen

VP: Sofia Fernandez

Secretary: Ashiana Parvani

Treasurer: Hanna Bullen

Math Club


Sponsor: Jaime Williams

President: Diego Sosa

VP: Soye Im

Secretary: Salomon Cohen

Treasurer: Alberto Laino

NHS (National Honor Society)

Mission: Create enthusiasm for scholarship, to stimulate a desire to render service to the school and community, to promote leadership and to develop character in Balboa Academy High School students.

Instagram: @NHS_BA

Sponsor: Danae Gillespie

President: Andres Mendoza

VP: Fernando Buxo

Secretary: Ashling Landers

Treasurer: Shania Sadhwani


Mission: To help severely malnourished children.

Sponsor: Ana Centeno

President: Maria Pinzon

VP: Reagan Robertson

Secretary: Mackenzie Dolan

Treasurer: Shania Sadhwan

Operation Smile

Mission: Provide free surgeries to children who have cleft palates and other facial deformities in the Republic of Panama.

Sponsor: Andrea Mossack

President: Fabiola Arias

VP: Alexa Motta

Secretary: Santiago Donado

Treasurer:Pablo Mamais

Speaker: Liski Paris

Paddle Club

Mission: To promote and help grow the paddling community in Balboa Academy including the sports Stand up Paddling (SUP), cayuco, V1 or V6 Outrigger Canoes, and surfing.

Sponsor: Ray Durbin and Jenny Tassell

President: Mariana Coronado

VP: Maria Jose Fernandez

Secretary: Juan Posada

Treasurer: Sofia Salazar


Mission: To help local communities of underprivileged kids. To raise awareness about the importance of education. To create consciousness about and fight for gender equality. 

Instagram: @risepty

Sponsor: Alix Mendoza

President: Mariana Navarrete and Andres Mendoza

VP: Patty Mayoral

Secretary: Maria Paula Gutierrez

Treasurer: Ella Mastellari

PR: Amanda Campos

Co-president: Catalina del Canto

Co-VP:Marella Pinto

Co – Secretary : Inti Robinson

Co – Treasurer: Eddy Cha

Co – PR – Suzana Saiz

Science Club

Mission: To help the BA community and local communities find an interest in the sciences by sponsoring science events such as egg drops, bottle rocket contests, etc… 

Sponsor: Linnett Ellis

President:  Isaac Castillo

VP: Eddy Cha

Secretary: Albert Laino

Treasurer: Sachin Chhabria

Singing Club

Mission: Bring music and joy to Balboa Academy!

Sponsor: Linnett Ellis

President: Sheila McKenzie

VP: Ellas Mastellari

Secretary: Diego Sosa

Treasurer: Jenny Lee

Speaker: Lilly Vargas

Somos Voces

Mission: To raise awareness in school about the reality of teenage moms in Panama and to provide an avenue for student to visit lower economic communities to help teenage moms.

Sponsor: Karla de Mena and Deyanira Dominguez

President: Liski Paris

VP: Maria Tasende

Secretary: Alexa Motta

Treasurer: Ashiana Parvani

Sports for the Community

Mission:  To supply less fortunate schools with sports equipment and increase student involvement in sports.

Sponsor:  Mr. Young, Mrs. Stump

President: Sergio Ferradas

VP: Lukas Stump

Secretary: Juan Ferradas

Treasurer: Santiago Donado

Student United Way

Mission: To improve lives by mobilizing the caring power of communities around the world to advance the common good.

Instagram: @suwbalboa

Sponsor: Gloria Ducreux

President: Miguel Martinelli and Alexa Motta

VP: Pablo Mamais

Secretary: Chantal Sawan

Treasurer: Anamae Kourany

Speaker Julie Liakopulos


Mission: To work to our full capacity to overcome extreme poverty by working alongside needy communities. We promote community development through awareness of the living conditions of these excluded and marginalized communities.

Sponsor: Ray Durbin

President: Ignacio Motta and Yvonne Behar

VP: Chalie Morris

Secretary: Miguel Martinelli

Treasurer: Jose Tasende

Theater Club

Mission:  To create a platform where BA Dragons can appreciate the performance arts, promote team work, self-confidence, and provide a creative outlet.

Sponsor:  Linnett Ellis

President: Raegan Robertson

VP: Sheila McKenzie

Secretary: Ella Mastellari

Treasurer: Veronica Marlotte

Other Groups (Non-Clubs)

Freshman Class

Mission: to raise money for future graduation

Sophomore Class

Mission: to raise money for future graduation

 Class of 2021

Sponsor:  Andrea Mossack

President: Marella Pinto

VP: Carla Humera

Treasurer: Gavin Barclay

Secretary: Natalia Guardiola

Speaker Gabriela Zappi

Junior Class

Mission: to raise money for future graduation

Class of 2020

Sponsor: Ana Centeno

President: Soye Im

VP: Helia Schvartzman

Secrerary: Marisabelle Boschetti

Treasurer: Veronica Marlotte

Senior Class

Mission: to raise money for future graduation

Class of 2019

Sponsor: Ana Centeno

President: Jose Guardiola

Vice President: Maria Paula Gutierrez

Treasurer: Luis Bergua

Secretary: Alejandra Ruiz

Speaker: Shania Sadhwani