ES Counselor: Mrs. Gabriela Gaudiano

Our Elementary Counseling Program is a three-tiered approach to social-emotional learning. It includes:

  • Homeroom mini-lessons: stemming from needs reported by students, parents or teachers, are delivered bimonthly as structured storybook-based lessons designed to teach developmentally appropriate social-emotional skills. These lessons address American School Counselor Association Standards for Students as well as CASEL guidelines on Social Emotional Competencies.
  • Focused Groups such as new student group: designed to help new students integrate into our school.
  • Individual Meetings with students: One on one meetings with students helping them to establish personal goals and learn problem-solving skills to manage day to day interactions that might be temporarily interfering with their learning.
  • Mediation: Helping students communicate with each other about a problem they might be having and facilitating that they come to an agreement that is part of the solution to the problem.
  • Responsive services: post incident meetings with students to review the behavior that they engaged in, what triggered it, what were the consequences, how they (and others might have) felt and what they need to do next time if they find themselves in a similar situation.