We believe our preschool environment is a key part of our curriculum. Children at this age need to move about,  choosing and using materials independently,  interacting with other children and adults, and learning through their senses.

Each classroom is set up with learning centers, such as blocks, dramatic play, toys and games, art, sand and water. Materials are organized and available, so children can make decisions about where to be, who to play with, and what to work on. We also teach our students to pick up after play, which teaches them responsibility for their school.

Students learn to work within the daily routine established in each classroom. Each day includes: large group, small group, teacher-directed, child choice, snack and outdoor play. A flexible routine is comforting for all of us, and children quickly learn what to expect of their school day.
Our Goals for Preschool Students

We want our students to leave preschool with the skills they need for success in kindergarten.

  • First and foremost are self-help and social skills, such as self-confidence, self-control, and the ability to make and sustain friendships.
  • We focus on communication skills – identifying and naming their interests, needs, and ideas, as well as listening while others speak. In many cases our students must also learn the English language and they receive a good beginning in preschool.
  • We also direct our teaching to the development of large and small motor skills, and the acquisition of basic knowledge in the content areas.


In order to achieve these goals, preschool has a yearly plan based on topics and studies which are vehicles for student learning. We use the yearly plan to create a plan for the month, and each teacher then plans details for each day of the week. The plan is flexible because we believe it is important to respond to children’s needs and interests and to help them find answers to their many questions.