There are content areas which we cover regardless of the topic or long-term study that guides us. These content areas are:

  • Literacy
  • Math
  • Science
  • Social Studies
  • The Arts
  • Technology

Learning looks very different in preschool than it does in elementary school. When you visit a classroom,  you might think that the only thing happening is play. But within the busy and colorful scene, students are learning in the content areas.

Here are some examples:

-Circle time might include a story (literacy), a song (the arts), and a patterning activity (mathematics).

-Child choice time might include children in the block area building a model of our playground (social studies) and they might have built a slide which they test by sending toy cars down (science).

-During a long-term study of chairs, a group might start by making a web of all that they know about chairs (literacy) and then talk about the kinds of tools needed to build chairs (technology) or make a graph of the kinds of chairs found in our building (math).

In all of these examples, and throughout our preschool year, the teachers’ careful observation and planning transform typical moments of childhood play into rich learning experiences.

Another aspect that enriches our preschool is the inclusion of three weekly specials – music, media, and physical education. The preschool teacher takes the group to another building for class with a specialist in each of these areas. Children enjoy the opportunity to visit other areas on our campus and meet the expectations of a different teacher, while accompanied by their regular classroom teacher.