About our School

We have 1 Principal, 1 Pre-School Coordinator, 27 teachers for grades Preschool through Grade 04; 6 Encore Curriculum teachers; 4 Ed. Specialist; 3 Kindergarten Aides; 1 Guidance Counselor; 1 English as Second Language Learner teacher; 1 Gifted Education teacher; 3 Physical Education teachers, and a School Nurse.

Our Elementary School provides an instructional program and assessments aligned with AERO standards and benchmarks. 


Courses include:


Reading / Language Arts                    Physical Education

Mathematics                                        Performing Arts

Spanish                                                  Fine Arts

Science                                                  Media Literacy

Social Studies                                       Technology


*Academic and Social Emotional Support Services are also provided.

Student Demographics


PK3 18 23 41
PK4 19 31 50
K 26 24 50
1 31 30 61
2 30 33 63
3 30 37 67
4 34 33 67
Totals 188 211 399

International Students



Below are the MAP Assessment Fall 2017 results. We also assess our students’ progress through quarterly progress reports, portfolios, projects, and ongoing classroom assessments.

Color Teams

Elementary students learn how to work and play together respectfully through their participation in our Elementary Color Teams. Each student belongs to a color team which includes a cross section of students from Kindergarten to Grade 4. They have an opportunity each month to interact in planned activities with their teammates as they build community and have fun under the guidance of an adult other than their classroom teacher. 

Beyond the Classroom

We offer a wide range of after school activities to support and extend learning beyond the classrooms, that include sports, a variety of academic and arts activities that rotate quarterly to include sports, music, technology/robotics, computer activities, Story Time Club, Homework Help, Arts and Crafts. Our students participate in a variety of study field trips to support and extend learning in real world applications. Elementary students also learn about supporting our community through such activities as Toys for Tots, and school supply and food drives. Our PTSO is an invaluable partner in learning as they provide ongoing support to our school through a myriad of activities, fairs, and festivals. 

The elementary student council is a student elected body (grade 2 to 4th) that provides leadership opportunities for students as well as help with community support activities.