At the end of First Quarter this year, each of our teachers conducted a thorough data analysis of their students’ achievement in their classroom. This analysis revealed to each of the teachers a specific academic/performance area that is in need of increased focus in the classroom. Each teacher then wrote a plan to support student improvement in this area which includes: incorporating a new research-proven “instructional intervention” into their daily instruction; three means of data collection to monitor progress, and mid/end of the year evaluation of student success.
This process has resulted in each teacher’s SMART goal, in that each one is: S-specific; M-measurable; A-ttainable through A-ctions; R-elevant (to the students) and R-ealistic (to implement in the classroom); and T-ime sensitive.

We are very pleased to share with you a compilation of our teachers SMART Goals throughout Balboa Academy. Please click on the links to view a PDF of Balboa Academy’s Teacher Instructional Smart Goals.
SMART GOAL – Preschool and Elementary

SMART GOAL – Middle School

SMART GOAL High School